The Spyder Quick-Start Sales Kit by Carolyn Coleman

The Spyder Quick-Start Sales Kit by Carolyn Coleman

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Become An Independent Sales Representative! Work wherever you want and whenever you want and you can earn extra cash with our SPYDER Quick Start Kit.

Be your own boss - work part-time or full-time selling one of the hottest new products on the market!

The SPYDER Quick Start Kit includes:

The SPYDER Quick Start Kit gives you access to your very own personalized webpage at The SPYDER Store that allows you to get started making money in about 24 hours!


We give you everything you need to get started immediately. Your Online Spyder Store will work for you 24/7 - allowing you to earn while you sleep.

Your friends and family are the best place to start! Hand out business cards and watch the sales come rolling in. You will also get residual sales from their friends and family too.

There is no limit to the amount you earn! You will receive a flat-rate commission of $25.00 for every SPYDER you sell from your personalized webpage. Independent Sales Representatives are paid every two (2) weeks directly into their PayPal account.


The All-New SPYDER Smartphone Carrier allows you to wear your smartphone on your wrist or around your neck and keeps you from ever dropping your phone! It will keep your phone at your fingertips at all times - safely. It fits all smartphones and you will have access to all ports, buttons, camera and all other features of your smartphone while affixed. It comes with a designer lanyard, which keeps your smartphone completely secure. It's easy to use: attaches & detaches in seconds!

The design of the SPYDER allows you to use your smartphone as a body-cam too! If you enable the flashlight app on your phone, you'll be able to work hands-free or use as a safety device at night while walking, jogging or riding your bike! It hangs from your neck, wrist or even your belt loop - easy to use and secures your phone. You can twirl it or spin it, but the Spyder will never let go! It can even position your phone as an inclined desktop!

Join one of the fastest growing internet companies around! You have a guaranteed position that will allow you to earn as much as you want, whenever you want. You receive a flat-rate commission from all sales generated from your very own personal webpage. This is where the business cards will help you the most. Your business cards will have the website address of your personal webpage - so when you pass them out, you're sending customers directly to you!

Whether you are an experienced sales person or just getting started, you will have the opportunity to excel and be a success. Start earning extra money today!