Welcome Independent Sales Representative!


As an Independent Sales Representative for The SPYDER Store, you are in the unique position to earn extra cash on your own terms. Whether you are an experienced sales person or just getting started, we have techniques to help you become a success in this new career you have chosen.

Please put the following email in your address book so you will not miss any notifications or updates from us: services@the-spyder.com


Here's How To Get Started

Firstly, you will need to get business cards printed at your local print shop. Below you will find an example of the information that should appear:

Spyder Logo
Your Name
Independent Sales Representative for The SPYDER Store
Your Webpage Address
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address

You should be able to get 250 for around $10 and usually they're ready the same day. By now, you will have received an email from us with your personalized webpage address. Make sure it appears on your business cards.
It is NOT mandatory that you have business cards printed, you may sell without them; however they will make your job that much easier.

We have posted our Spyder logo on Your Personalized Webpage in the exact spot where a picture of you will be placed once we receive it from you. Please copy and paste the Spyder logo to your business card design.


It's Time To Start Selling!


Family & Friends

This is by far the best way to begin making sales! Tell them of your new career and hand them a few business cards. Not only will they want to support you, they will love the product you are selling. Describe the advantages of the SPYDER - there are many. And once they purchase a SPYDER from you, their friends & family will also become your customers. You are now well on your way!



Your Personalized SPYDER Store Webpage

We provide you with a personalized webpage that allows you to sell the Spyder directly to the public. This is the backbone of all your sales! The choices here are nearly endless. You will be able to further personalize it by adding a photo of yourself - preferably wearing the Spyder (you may purchase a Spyder for yourself, but this is NOT mandatory; however it will make your job much easier - having a product that you can demonstrate).  You may add other pictures, more literature; and link to your Social Media page such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. by sending this information to us at services@the-spyder.com



Free Advertising

There are literally thousands of places online that offer free advertising. Write a great ad copy and away you go. Link it to your webpage and let it work for you, even while you sleep!



Business Cards

Business Cards are the difference, the invaluable start of selling. Take them wherever you go! They let your customers know you are a professional, with your own webpage to promote to those you know and people you meet. They help your clients and customers remember you and what you are selling. While wearing your Spyder when you are out & about, people will want to know what it is - this is the perfect time to hand them your business card. You'll also be surprised by how many friends you make!

Please keep in mind that the above methods are only suggestions. You can sell the Spyder in any manner you choose, we simply want to give you options and a starting point. If you are a self-starter, you know it all begins with a conversation with those closest to you. This career path gives you the freedom to work when you want and to make as much as you want. You now have the future in your hands! More Questions? Visit our FAQ's Page or contact us at any time at services@the-spyder.com