The SPYDER Store's Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens after I sign-up?

    In just a few simple steps you can become a Spyder Store Independent Sales Representative. Once your application has been approved, we begin building your Personalized Spyder Store Webpage. We will also send you a Welcome Email outlining your new career with further details on how to get started immediately.

  2. How much can I earn?

    You will receive a flat-commission of $10 for each Spyder sold on your personally coded webpage. You are not limited by the amount you earn - work harder, earn more!

  3. How do I get paid?

    All Representatives are paid via PayPal. There are no exceptions. If you do not currently have PayPal, accounts are free and takes only minutes to register. You may provide your PayPal email address to us at any time; however we will formally request it after your first sale.

  4. When do I get paid?

    Representatives are paid at set intervals - every two (2) weeks. Please visit the following link to view: PAYDAY SCHEDULE

  5. How much time will my new business take?

    As much or as little time as you want. It all depends upon how much you wish to earn during a specific pay period.

  6. Can I really get started no matter where I live?

    Just about.... If you have internet access, you can become a Sales Representative for The Spyder Store.

  7. What are the benefits of being a SPYDER Store Independent Sales Representative?

    Mainly flexibility, independence & increased earnings. You can set your own schedule and ramp it up or down according to your lifestyle. You get to decide when, where, and how much you work.

  8. How will you communicate with me?

    Mostly with the following email address:
    Please add this email to your address book to insure you do not miss any notifications or updates from us. Should you have further questions, you may contact us at any time.